Offshore software development teams

To expand your company’s software development capacity in an easy and cost-effective way, we can provide you with offshore software developers who act as your own extended team. You will have full control over the developers and you will work with the developers directly and daily.

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Our benefits to your benefit


Flexible up or down scaling of software developers, test engineers, and DevOps. Start from one engineer to many.


We are transparent and clear on the skillsets of our developers and hours worked for your offshore software development team.

Full control

You will have full control over your own dedicated offshore team, both for the setup and the daily operations.


Due to our efficiency and our geographical location, your team will operate at best cost.


Our software developers are very experienced and are well adverse in English speaking and writing.

Protected IP

We take great pride in IP protection and data security, signing an NDA and following the GDPR.

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See a Manifera team in action for our appreciated client CFLW Cyber Strategies

How we can help you?

  • Offshore web application developers

  • Offshore mobile app developers

  • Offshore verification & validation team

  • Offshore DevOps team

  • Offshore Service & Maintenance team

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Our clients

For our international long-term clients we are a reliable partner helping our clients with remote teams of experienced software developers

Our clients

Our clients are from





Company sizes

  • Startups and scale ups

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Large enterprises

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How to set up your own software development team

Identifying the team members

Identifying the team members

Identifying and selecting the correct software developers and other required roles for your team.

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Setup the team at Manifera’s office

Setting up the team at Manifera’s office

Preparing the development environment to match your environment and arrange for training and briefings as needed.

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Your offshore team in operation

Your offshore team in operation

Assigning tasks to your team, regular meetings and follow up on the team’s deliverables.Contact us Contact us

How does your offshore team work


Using Agile/Scrum for regular increments and updates

Create a clear product roadmap with milestones

Product roadmap

regular demos

Daily/weekly standups and regular demos


Latest technology updates and suggestions for our clients

development team

Development teams can also include Project Manager/Scrum Master and Quality Engineers

Transparent communication

Transparent communication with our clients to help grow the product

Our successful offshore development teams

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