Setting Up Your Offshore Development Team


Identify your offshore software development team membersIdentify your offshore software development team members

Identifying and selecting the correct software developers and other required roles for your team.

  • Align with you on your requirements for the team as per your needs.
  • Propose the resumes of our developers who match your requirements.
  • In case you have specific needs for which we currently do not have the right developer available, we will search for the developer with the required skills using our extensive network.

Setup the team at Manifera’s officeSetup the team at Manifera's office

Prepare the development environment to match with your environment and arrange for training and briefings as needed.

  • If the software developers have been identified the team will be set up.
  • The development environment like IDEs, tools, etc. will be set up according to your requirements.
  • If needed trainings/briefings will be done to align on business background, way of working, processes and system outline.
  • As a good practice and if appreciated by you, one of your offshore team members can work onsite at your office for a certain period. This to get to know your team members, way of working and other specifics. Once the team member is back at our office, he/she will transfer the gained knowledge to the other offshore team members. This will provide for a good basis for a long term and trustworthy relationship between your local team and your offshore team at Manifera.

Your offshore team in operationYour offshore team in operation

Assigning tasks to your team, regular meetings and follow up on the team’s deliverables.

  • You or your project team will assign the tasks to your offshore team.
  • There are various ways of working together between you and your team and your offshore team. Which one to choose is based on your projects’ situation. For example:
    • The offshore team members work on a project closely together with your own local team.
    • The offshore team members work independent on a complete project for your company.
    • You or your project team will receive the offshore team’s deliverables and validate/accept these.
  • The above steps will be run through iteratively.

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